Pankaj Saxena

Mr. Pankaj Saxena

Mr. Saxena is a professional IT Consultant currently engaged in project management, he has been doing this for the past 20 years. He has a very strong IT management background, providing us with valuable insight on how to manage our teams and spend our time valuably. He devotes his personal time to running our Non-Profit Organization to help promote STEM in our community. He has been an excellent resource to our teams for the past years we have been involved in VEX and First Robotics.


Abhinav Saxena

Abhinav Saxena was once a member of  Team 1104z and a student with Brampton Robotics, after he graduated from high school he came back to help the younger generations. Abhinav now studies computer science, and when he doesn't have classes he is involved with our new teams; teaching them the tricks that he learnt. 


Martin Pokorny

Martin was a part of Team 1104z, he was a active member when he was in high school, and just like Abhinav he came back to help us in promoting our goal. Martin is always helping our organization; from hosting competitions to teaching students how to CAD, Martin can do it all.