Our Team having a build session with kids from our community, to promote STEM

Our Team having a build session with kids from our community, to promote STEM


 With our success and achievements, we are able to inspire many children and promote stem.   Being apart of an organization that collaborates with the community, we have held many events to educate students on the values of stem.

Girl Powered Event

Girl Powered Workshops are meant to engage and inform young women about STEM and robotics! The workshop may include hands-on activities, robotics demonstrations, a Girl Powered pledge station, and even a keynote speaker. At Girl Powered events we highlight examples of how women are changin the world, provide tools for success, and offer an environment where all students’ confidence and abilities can flourish .

How is Girl Powered making an impact? The answer might depend on who you ask. Across the robotics community, Girl Powered has enabled 350 new teams, captured personal stories fro girl in robotics through an expanded online challenge, launched the Girl Powered Pledge, nearly tripled the number of workshops, and engaged dynamic female thought leader at Girl Powered Connect events hosted at VEX worlds.

For more information about this initiative visit GirlPowered.com

Tech Fairs

Tech Fairs are a great way to get engaged in STEM, and see all the variety of options you have before you commit to one place. In tech fairs there many exhibits from:

  • Robotics

  • Drones

  • Apps

  • 3D Printers

  • Many other new technologies

These event are also free to attend, so they are a great opportunity to check out ways to engage in STEM in the community.